We are experts in the removal of various cancerous and non-cancerous growths.

When done by our highly trained providers, scarring and other possible complications are minimized.

Featured Procedures

Skin Cancer ExcisionSkin Cancer Surgery

The most common skin cancers we surgically treat are basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma, but we also treat others. The cancers are excised and then examined microscopically to ensure they are completely removed. We use our expertise to repair the skin cancer site in a way that provides the best cosmetic result.

Mole RemovalMole Removal

A mole is a growth made up of pigment cells. Sometimes the pigment cells (also known as melanocytes) become cancerous and need to be surgically excised. Moles may also require removal if they become tender or inflamed. Large or unsightly moles may be removed for cosmetic reasons. There are different ways to removed moles. If performed by our highly trained and experienced providers, removal can be done with minimal scarring.

Cryosurgery with Liquid NitrogenCryosurgery

Cryosurgery is the use of extremely cold temperatures to remove various growths and skin cancers. Liquid nitrogen, which is nearly negative 200 degrees Celsius, is the most commonly used cryotherapy agent. This quick and very effective method is, in many cases, a good alternative to conventional excision. Scarring is minimal if done properly by our experienced providers.

Skin Tag RemovalSkin Tag Removal

Skin tags often grow on the neck, armpits, groin area, and around the eyes. These growths can look bad, and they can become sore and inflamed. There are different ways to remove skin tags. The number of lesions, size of the lesions, and location are considered when choosing the appropriate technique. If done properly, skin tags can be eliminated without scarring.

Follicular and Sebaceous Cyst ExcisionCyst Excision

A follicular cyst is a sack under the skin that often has an opening to the surface that can leak fluids. Cysts start small but can develop into large, raised, and unpleasant looking growths. They often become infected, painful, and swollen. Surgical excision is the only way to completely and permanently remove a cyst. We are experts in the treatment of problematic cysts.